Saturday, August 24, 2013


Dear Jake,

Happy birthday! I'm so excited that you're seven years old today. When I remember my own childhood, my clearest memories come from the time I was seven years old and beyond.

It's been a pretty amazing year for you. You started school full time in September and loved every minute of it. You had lots of old friends in your class, and made lots of new ones as the year went on. I loved volunteering in your class once a week, getting a little glimpse into your day to day life at school.

You bonded with your English teacher right away and this year you adapted quickly to the new routine a new teacher brought. Your printing improved a lot and most of the time you were committed to producing quality work. You loved math, science and religion the best.

This year you learned to read! You went from very short books with a couple of very short sentences on each page to reading small novels by the new year. I learned even more about the depth of your curiousity this year. You asked so many questions about the things you were reading about and often asked for more books along the same theme just to find out even more.

You were really excited about French class for the first part of the year. At March Break your French teacher moved away and you were pretty heartbroken about that. Mme G. really touched a place in your heart - and mine too! You liked your new teacher well enough, but I guess she paled a little in comparison to Mme. G. and you lost the spark you had for French. You continued to work hard at it though, and we're all impressed with the quality of your accent.

Your closest friends are Connor and Ali, Kyle and Hermione. You still love to swim in our pool, ride your bike, go to the park, and play LEGO. You still like watching cartoons on Disney Jr. and Treehouse, and your favourite is The Octonauts.

You are still an amazing big brother. You are always trying to help Noah, and though you may sometimes complain about having to keep an eye on him while I make dinner, you quickly get caught up in your role as his role model and find yourself laughing and giggling away with him. You're especially excited that he's learning to talk and can say your name.

Your Dad and I are so proud of the boy you are and the boy you're becoming. You're kind, loving, curious and yes, sometimes exasperating. All of that combined makes you who you are. A part of me, a part of your Dad and all you. I couldn't love you more and I'm really looking forward to the next year's adventure.

Happy birthday Little Man.

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  1. A very beautiful reflection on the past year for your Little Man.
    God bless the child.