Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 29)

- - - 1 - - -
So apparently blogger is on the fritz and I'm having to type everything up under the HTML tab. Since I have no idea what that means, let alone stands for, I'm not entirely sure this post isn't going to be a giant waste of my time - particularly if it publishes itself in computereeze as opposed to say, English.

- - - 2 - - -
It's been awhile since I posted any Baby Man updates and seeing how this blog is full of Little Man updates, I thought I should . . . someday when he's older, Noah might actually read this stuff and started wondering why Jake got all the attention. Or, you know, not.

Anywho, Noah is talking up a storm these days and getting pretty creative at asking for things when he doesn't know the name of it. No simple pointing for him . . . he's making up words left, right and centre, then throwing in as many "please's" and "more's" and "thank you's" as it takes to get him what he wants.

His made up words are hard to describe because they don't see to relate to any real thing. So he's either using the correct word with pretty decent diction, or completely making up a word. He does say "marco" when he wants a cucumber and "goke" when he wants a book. Other than that he's pretty much repeating anything we say . . .

Noah still loves his "Jake" so we hear that word a lot. He loves to greet people and will frequently say, "Hi! (pause) Mom!" each time he comes back into a room. He says "suckie" (soother), "bankie" (blanket) and "Bummy" (bunny). He calls any round fruit or vegetable, no matter how big (watermelon) or small (pea) an "apple" - except for pumpkins . . . those are "punkins".

- - - 3 - - -
We sort of celebrated Halloween yesterday . . . it's not a huge event in our home, which I've blogged about before, but we enjoy the costumes, the jack-o-lanterns and the trick or treating. Noah was eager to try on his monkey costume, then mad when I had to take it off to put different pants on underneath (the bottom part of the costume was too small), then screamed bloody murder when we tried to put it back on. Eventually Mr. Tree and Jake, dressed as an EMT, left without him when Noah refused to wear boots. Did I mention it poured rain all night?

I finally got Noah calmed down enough to make another attempt at leaving the house, when he spotted an Elmo costume my Mom had made for Jake. It's about three sizes too big, but that didn't stop Noah from donning the head and jackets (which came to his ankles) while meandering around outside for about 10 minutes. Then he joined Jake, who had since returned home with his loot, in giving out candy.

Noah's preferred method? Grab a fistful from the bowl and chuck it as hard as you can out the door. Then repeatedly say, "Oops, missed!", "Oh no, missed!", and "Oh my, missed!" as the candy rains down on children's heads.

 - - - 4 - - -
The homework thing is going okay, though Jake still struggles with not completing every worksheet that gets sent home. As I talk to more and more parents about this, I'm finding many feel the same way but never thought there could be an alternative. So I'd love to have a dialogue with his teacher that would focus less on Jake personally and more on the research out there that doesn't support homework who's main objective is to review or practice. There just never seems to be time and honestly, I'm already known as "that parent" at his school and I'm not sure I can handle having another issue right now.

- - - 5 - - -
Gratuitous photos . . . 

- - - 6 - - -
Filed under the where they heck are your parents category . . . what was up with the nine and ten year old boys who came to our door last night and demanded more candy than Jake was giving out. When he hesitated, they started swearing and telling him that they were "homeless,drunk, homosexuals" and therefore deserved more candy. I yelled at them from the family room to leave and then watched in amazement as their parents glared at me from the street where they were waiting. 

- - - 7 - - -
Apparently I'm getting old. I had the lovely experience of being fitted for orthotics today. While making Jake's birthday cake this summer, I developed planter fasciitis from standing too long on the ceramic floors in our kitchen. My heel's been bothering me ever since and I was finally able to get in to see my family doctor last week. No more cute shoes for me . . . at least not for awhile. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab my bifocals and my cane and hobble out.

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  1. Yeah..What? Inappropriate trick or treat behavior for sure.