Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 30) . . . AKA, It's all (mostly) about the Baby Man

Well hello there blog!

I've been wanting to write for weeks, but it seems that whenever I have a minute to do so, something more important suddenly springs up - like watching Jeopardy.

I've also noticed that Facebook is sucking up most of my blog fodder. When something comes to mind that could possibly become a blog post, I think about it for a few seconds, then "meh" and throw it up on Facebook and consider it done.

So here's the latest . . .

1.  I got sick and missed a party.

2.  Jake read about a kid who read about a buddy bench and booked a meeting with his school principal to pitch the idea to her. It's basically a bench in the school yard, designated for kids who are feeling lonely or upset to hang out on. The idea is that if another child sees someone on the bench, they go over and cheer them up or hang out with them. The principal loved the idea and Jake'll be presenting it to the Parent Council in January.

3.  Noah tucked his bunny in before falling asleep and I took a photo of it:

4. We celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas on his actual Feast Day (December 6th) and I remembered to prepare some treats and find a story to read to the boys about him.

5.  I got the stomach flu and missed Jake's Advent Mass, and the carolling that was supposed to follow it (that I was supposed to lead). Oops.

6.  Noah picked up a new word and now calls himself "Special Noah". All. The. Time.

7.  Noah repeatedly asked for a fork at the dinner table. It really didn't sound like he was saying fork. He's such a potty mouth.

8.  Overheard at bedtime . . . "Bess (bless) Mom. Bess Daddy. Bess Jakey. Bess Mickey. Bess Donald. Bess Daisy. Bess Doggie. Bess Minnie . . . "

9.  Santa (magnet) went missing. But don't worry. We did eventually find him on the dishwasher.

10.  Noah clearly enjoyed Santa on a magnet a heck of a lot more than Santa in person.

Hey! Tomorrow is Friday . . . and I just wrote a post that loosely resembles a "7 Quick Takes" post. If you squint. And you can't count. 

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  1. Isn't St. Nick's Day fun? My kids love putting their shoes out "for St. Nicholas' horse"!