Monday, January 20, 2014


So about eight months ago I signed up for a free service that does some stuff with some things that are supposed to help teachers communicate with students or parents. I wondered if I could use it for work so I created a free account to try it out. It didn't really work for me so I never used it again.

This week, I received this email from the company. Service. Whatever.
Hey Mrs. Tree,
Nice to meet ya! I'm Bob.
I noticed that you haven't used Company202 in a bit and wantned to checkin to see if something is wrong or how we can get better. As a quick reminder (; we make it safe & easy for teachers to messages students and parents.
If you want to give it another try, jus click here:
Get started
Look forward to hearin from ya!
CEO & Co-founder, Company202
I really just had to laugh. I mean, here's a company that created a service for teachers. Teachers. People who learn kids so they can read, rite and do that math sh stuff.

I'm not sorry at all to report that I sent the following email in reply:
Yo Bob, 
Thanks for checkin in man. I dig your concern - just sayin' that I wish ya wood have considered you're audience b4 hittin' send. If your reaching out to clients, who r likely teachers, you may want to think about usin' proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. I guess thats how you could improve . . .  
The email you sent me . . . that's job security for me, dude.  :P 
Peace out,
Mrs. Tree
Oh yes I did.


  1. Oh, let me count the ways I love it! If only Bob was a real person, an actual "This is my company" person and your email helped to set him on the path to right spelling and proper grammar.
    If only.

    1. He might be - it's a small-ish venture. And in fairness to the company, I did receive a prompt response (from someone else) assuring me they take spelling and grammar seriously and appreciated my feedback. Hmmm.

  2. Ok, I laughed so hard I almost rolled out of bed. Love it!

    1. I know, right? (Nice to "see" you, Brenda!)